15005 Cheshire St, La Mirada, CA 90638, USA

Apollo Tile

Ca. Lic# 728287

The back story

Founded in 1991 by Craig Clark ( me/ owner contractor)
  I've  been involved in building houses really since birth. My father was a  mechanical engineer for Hughes Aircraft Co. designing and building  antennas for the navy to be put on battle ships and aircraft  carriers. He would buy land and draft plans to build houses that we  would live in. Every couple of years he/we would sell and build another.  When I got to be high school age I was put to work helping ...
       I started in the Tile business in 1987 when a friend got me into the  tile setters union. The company that I worked for did mostly Tract  houses in phases from 10 houses at time to as many as 50 at a time. I  believe at that time they were the largest union tile shop in southern  California. A few years later the company merged with a commercial tile  company and we started big commercial jobs like high rise buildings in  down town Los Angeles and the Metro rail stations too .

     After a few years of doing this  production type of tile I was ready to do custom work. I got licensed in  1991 and opened my own shop doing residential new tile at first. Then  learned to restore existing tile and started doing Tile restorations  also.